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The Alchemy of Our Compassionate

Wisdom and Power

Originally Scheduled for Saturday, November 16, 2019

An invitation to circle - It’s time!

At a time when the world appears to be cracking and we are dealing with hopelessness and despair on many fronts. At a time when we come face to face with the reality of failing systems and the insecurities that they bring… it is at this time, we believe in us. What is before us requires the wisdom, courage and compassion of women and men of all cultures and walks of life working together. We know that collectively we have within us, the wisdom and power to create a world where we thrive.

Honoring Seattle for igniting the spark that would become the epic movement of our time… inspired by The Dalai Lama’s Seeds of Compassion 10 years ago, we now bring an event that invites us to listen carefully to what’s next, self-discovery and moving compassion into action.


"Often, we expect different outcomes, but when intentions are pure and considerate of all, the

alchemical reaction will happen in it's own way, and that we can trust. " 

In an environment thoughtfully crafted for regenerative listening, anchoring our voice, and honoring the collective wisdom within our community, we explore and celebrate what’s possible in the Alchemy of Our Collective Wisdom and Power.

Through small circle dialogues we invite you to listen, connect to wisdom of the heart/body and come to action. In the time-honored practice of our ancestors, we will meet together to share and celebrate our collective wisdom. 

Recognizing that we call this circle on unceded land of the Duwamish, we begin our day with an honoring. To inspire our listening, self-discovery and compassion into action, we will hear thought-provoking speakers, participate in dialogue circles, have a sacred water ceremony, exhibitors, a marketplace and more.

How we define Alchemy;
"Transforming the combined elements within an intentional gathering into its collective highest potential."


Our Thought and Dialogue Leaders
The Dr. Reverend Kelle Brown
Lead Pastor of Plymouth Church
Cecilia Hansen
Duwamish Tribal Council
Jamal Rahman
A Muslim Sufi Interfaith Minister and one of the 3 Interfaith Amigos
Cynthia Brix, Gender Equity Internationa
Will Keepen, Gender Equity International
Brenda Astara Gustin, PhD
Founder of Union with the Heart and co-director of The Radiant Health Center, Co-Producer of Alchemy Productions
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In 2010 Seattle's Mayor and City Council alongside Compassionate individuals, companies and institutions affirmed to be the first partner and official City of Compassion to actively engage and anchor the Ten Year Plan for Compassionate Cities with The Charter for Compassion.

In 2020 they launch into our second ten years!  This event will help us engage and further deepen and expand partnerships to cultivate compassion integrity for ourselves, one another and our communities.

You are invited to share your challenges, passions, strengths and wisdom to lift each other up and offer your expertise in creating this next decade of compassionate action.

People you know will be here and many others you've wanted to meet. Please invite people you know to Register today. We will galvanize our strengths, listen deeply and celebrate our past, present and future as Compassionate Citizens of the World!